Search Engine Submittal

One of the most important keys to having a successful online business is being able to be found by your potential customers. For traditional businesses, this involves thousands of dollars of advertising. For online businesses, this involves submitting your web pages to various search engines, using keywords that have been optimized for your particular business. When this is done correctly, your web page will begin to see drastically increased traffic. Please review our keyword optimization and search engine submittal packages.


Package 1: Basic Submittal Package

Our Basic Submittal package is our lowest cost alternative to getting ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. This package includes the following features:

- Development of appropriate keywords for your site

- Submittal of your home page and one other page to search engines twice per year

Cost - $200 per year



Package 2: Premium Optimization and Submittal Package

Our Premium Package is for our clients looking for maximum results. Frequent submittals to search engines ensures that your site will get ranked and stay ranked. Features include:

- Development of appropriate keywords for your site

- Optimization of keywords for your site using advanced optimization software

- Submittal of up to 12 web pages to search engines, submitted once a month for one year

Cost - $650 for the first year, $300 per year after the first year